About Beyonddisavowing.org

The purpose of this website is to facilitate Christians and Christian churches and denominations going beyond disavowing the doctrine of discovery by acknowledging that it was not a fluke or an aberration. Rather, there are identifiable texts in the Christian Bible and Christian narrative and theology that gave birth to it and resulted in it being carried out by masses of ordinary Christians who viewed their actions as valid expressions of their faith. This has not ended.

This site encourages the recognition that, because of those elements, Christianity remains a threat to non-Christians around the world. Fortunately, those elements can be neutralized without compromising the heart of Christianity. Further, this site challenges Christians to address the possibility that we are living as though we agree that to the victor belongs the spoils, and to their descendants as well. If we don’t believe this, then some form of corrective action can be taken with land and resource wealth, that, while legally ours, are morally ill-gotten gains.

The author, Arden Mahlberg, is a Christian, descendant of colonizers who benefitted directly from homesteading acts. For him, this project is both personal and a part of his efforts to apply his knowledge as a psychologist to matters of justice.

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